The Bitten

The Bitten is the latest anthology from the authors at Raptor Retreat Press, collected by Brandon Hale.

Whether it’s erotic, horrific or simply bloody, there is an intimacy between the predator and his or her prey, and once bitten, both are never the same again. These 28 tales encompass our most primal fears and fantasies. Stories that are amusing, poignant, sexy or acerbic, the reader, once tempted, will want to return again and again.

This Vampire and Werewolf anthology contains stories by Trish Marie Dawson, Ana Oru’, Stephen Arseneault, George Wier, John Daulton, Jeanette Raleigh, Robert Thomas, Suzy Stewart Dubot, Randall Morris, Amelia Price (Jess Mountifield), Donna McNicol, John Peters, Randy Ingermanson, Corrie Fischer, Anna J. McIntyre, Lee Burton, Cleve Sylcox, Scott Langrel, Chris Ward, Elizabeth Jasper, WSMT3, Saxon Andrew, J R C Salter, James Rozoff, Alison Blake, Ben Cassidy, Billy Kring & K S Haigwood. All proceeds go to the Brandon Hale Cancer Fund.



*Please note – this book is not published directly under Trish Marie Dawson’s name, as such, all available sales links may not be posted on this page.

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