The Find Me Series

I Hope You Find Me, Find Me Series Book 1

5 Star – BookWhisperer Five Star

As a mega fan of The Walking Dead TV show, this book called out to me when I read the synopsis. Although this book does not have walkers, it does have that element of survival in a world that has collapsed.
My personal opinion is that Dawson knows how to write. She knows how to set a character up to where you either love them or completely despise them and then she can make you switch those feelings in just a paragraph. Her plot is purely excellent and how she can set up suspenseful events was amazing.
What a wonderful book! I loved the fact that Riley ventures into the city to see if anyone that she loves is left alive and while she stops at random sites, she leaves a letter to anyone who knows her. This is something that I would never be brave or smart enough to do. When Riley meets up with Connor, the whole dynamic of the book changes. What was once a solo character has now switched and the plot livens up more. As a reader, we now have the story of two survivors that are strangers, but are coping together.
I won’t say much more because there are surprises around every corner in this book and I do not want to give them away, however this book kept me turning the pages past midnight. Such a enthralling story, wonderful characters, and unique idea for a book that I cannot wait for the sequel.
~BookWhisperer Reviewer MC~

– Amazon Review IHYFM, Book Whisperer


5 Star – I Hope You Find Me

This well-written tale of what can possibly happen after a world-wide deadly virus outbreak raises questions for us today. Are we prepared? What happens to the law? Who rules? How will survivors get food? What happens to the electricity grids and networks we have in place now? Many of these questions are addressed in this gripping tale of survivors and survival. A great read.

– Amazon Review IHYFM, Diane Roush

Lost and Found, Find Me Series, Book 2

5 Star – Trish Marie Dawson is a master story teller…

Trish Marie Dawson is a master story teller, simply stated. The character development is superb and simultaneously gut-wrenching. Half of her writing reminds you of sleeping in on a Sunday morning, and the other half makes you scared to look out from under your covers to see what’s next. But you do, because you simply can’t help yourself. This is a touching series from a serious talent, and I can’t wait for the next book.

– Amazon Review LF, Maria


5 Star – Roller Coaster Thrill of a Read

The sequel to I Hope You Find Me picks up several weeks after the cataclysmic events which closed the first book. Riley is slowly recovering from her injuries and trying to overcome the trauma she suffered both physically and mentally.
Once again Trish Marie Dawson has the ability to draw you right into the minds of the characters and you can picture yourself sitting on the deck of the lodge looking out over the lake. Tranquil and perfect in every way you would think until you notice the shadowy figure who appears on the edge of the forest and eventually even in Riley’s bedroom.
As Riley and Connor make preparations to undertake a probably foolhardy mission with Kris they are troubled by unsettling visions and beset with doubts. Only Riley seems convinced that their journey into the heart of Orange County will succeed and has to push hard to get others to accept her decision.
What I love about these books is the attention to detail. There is an abundance of tiny little vignettes as the trio ride horses (Riley has the unfortunate habit of falling off a motorbike so horses seem a safer option) towards their destination that brings the book to real life, whether it describing finding fresh fruit in an abandoned garden or the horror of a mass grave containing thousands of only partially buried bodies, you can share their joy or horror at each new scene.
The story truly explodes into a full blown cinematic epic upon their arrival in L.A as they discover once again that it is not the dead they need fear; it is the living!
The closing third of this book as Riley pursues an increasingly hazardous attempt to save a girl she feels responsible for is a helter-skelter thrill ride that had me literally perched on the edge of my seat!
Riley’s journey from grade school teacher to kick-ass heroine is believable and compelling from the first to last and you will find yourself cheering one moment and biting back tears the next.
Trish Marie Dawson has to be congratulated for once again producing a first class read that captures the reader with the power and assurance of Stephen King’s The Stand in its scope and atmosphere.

I heartily recommend this book to all fans of post-apocalyptic fiction and have no hesitation in rating it 5/5!

– Amazon Review LF, Stuart S Laing

Finding Hope, Find Me Series Book 3

5 Stars – I can not pick just one word to describe the array of emotions from this story.

OH Where do I start!

I have been following this series since it started and at times I was very impatient lol. This book.. sigh… this book, just gets you in the feels.

I wont rehash the blurb go read it.

Book 3, brings us back to HOPE. We hope Connor is alive, We hope Connor finds Riley, We hope they survive, We just HOPE. At times I lost hope and then that hope would change to a new version. (no spoilers given to explain that statement lol)

I cried, I raged and just like the other books I despaired over the choices and actions of the characters. I begged for happy endings and understood when some can not end the way I wanted.

Trish Marie Dawson is an amazing brilliant storyteller. Her characters come to life and we are just flies on the wall following their stories. I feel every emotion the characters do, I empathize with them, I cry with them, I laugh with them. Its a unique author who can bring you so fully into their world.

Its hard to write this and not give away plot points lol. Hence why I am vague. Be ready for a book hangover and read this book several times because you just have to!

– Amazon Review FH, Jennifer Wedmore


5 Stars – Intense and Captivating

This book is an amazing addition to the series. It is a bit different than the other 2. But I think that’s to be expected. Just like any person grows and changes with experience. A book series needs to grow and change with the experiences of the characters.
There is adventure, unexpected love, heart ache, betrayal, fear, mania, and the need to find hope in the darkest of times. It’s all quite intense.
The way Trish writes draws you in, takes hold of you, and doesn’t let go until the very end. Even after that, you’re left thinking about the book and its characters for days.

– Amazon Review FH, Eliza Thornton


4 thoughts on “The Find Me Series

    • trishmarie says:

      Hi there! I hope if you want a 5th Find Me book, it means you enjoyed the first four? 😀 Riley’s story isn’t over yet, so there will be more, but first I’m working on the second Hutch and A’ris book. If you haven’t read The Dry Lands – feel free to check it out!! Thank you so much for reading!! Have a wonderful week!


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