The Station Series

Dying to Forget, Book 1 of The Station Series

5 Stars – Dying to Forget

I’m a guy in my late 30s and although this book was classified as “young adult”, I still loved it. Dawson has a smooth writing voice that makes the words just flow. Once you start reading, it’s hard to stop (with the exception as one other reviewer noticed there were some emotionally tense scenes where I had to “take a break” and then return a little later). I like that Dawson sprung a few “surprises” in the story I wasn’t expecting (yet they worked quite well). I would follow the characters through the story and there were times I thought I knew what was going to happen next, and bam! The author takes a turn you didn’t expect. I’ve already finished both volumes of “The Station” (in about 3 days) and I can say I’m a fan.

– Amazon Review Dying to Forget, Michael Duty

5 Stars – Try it out.

It was awesome. If you like the kind of books that make you look at things with perspectives that you’ve never had before, try it out. You just might like it.

– Amazon Review Dying to Forget, Cera Bryant

Dying to Remember, The Station Series Book 2

5 Stars – I’m officially addicted to Trish Marie Dawson!

I read the first one of the series in one sitting and this one didn’t take much longer! The only reason I couldn’t finish this one as quickly was simply because I am a mom who had to do my mom duty but, as much as I love my family, it was so hard for me to have to stop reading this! I’m so connected to the characters that I immediately went to try to find the next novel because I am desperate to read what happens next! My only complaint is that the next novel, “Dying to Return”, is not already available! Trish Marie Dawson, I have to know what happens next! This is such a well written and wonderfully vivid series and I absolutely can not get enough!

– Amazon Review Dying to Remember, Dawn D

5 Stars – WOW!

Trish Dawson has done it again, she has created a story with such depth, one that is truly unique,and that speaks to your senses and draws you in. With the possibility of a new love and a new world on the horizon I am “dying to read” the next book in her series.

– Amazon Review Dying to Remember, Jess

Dying to Return, The Station Series Book 3

5 Stars – Simply fulfilling

So much to say about this third book in the series, but can’t spoil it!! It was wonderful. The ride takes you along as Piper has grown up in the books, and now she becomes an adult, still in a teenage body. There is confusing young love, heartache, bewilderment, acceptance, forgiveness, redemption, and finally finding oneself. Simply a fulfilling read.

– Amazon Review Dying to Return, Sabputt

5 Stars – Great book to read!!!!

I choose this rating because the book and the author truly deserved 5 stars· This book had everything and more, what an imagination. It also helps us realize life is worth living. Thanks Trish for this amazing book series.

– Amazon Review Dying to Return, James W Cruz

Niles, A Station Series Novelette

5 Stars – A nice companion piece to The Station Series

Inside stories you find little sparkling gems. One of these treasures from The Station Series is the character of Niles. This novella is a nice companion piece to the overall series, giving one of my favorite characters more depth, history, and empathy.
Great story! Can’t wait to learn more about the other characters later this summer.

– Amazon Review Niles, Kirstin

5 Star – This blew my schedule…and I’m glad it did.

I received the book with an alert on my Kindle app.. I also had a series of things to do before noon. But…curiosity overwhelmed my sense of commitment. I reasoned I would just scan a page or so to get a feel for the story.

Like a large bag of salty potato chips, I found I couldn’t eat just one. One paragraph flowed into the next until I was on the final page. I really enjoyed it. (Oh well. Schedules were meant to be adjusted.) This is my first exposure to the The Station Series, but I will now go to the beginning and read them all.

– Amazon Review Niles, Richard W

Mallory, A Station Series Novelette

5 Stars – This series just keeps getting better!

This is probably one of my favorite series of all time. I really love that Trish is writing about the individual characters that did not get as much time spent on them in the main books. This novelette is a great little read. Of course, like all of Trish’s books, I finished it in one sitting and couldn’t wait for what was next for the series. After reading Mallory and Niles’ stories it was fun to go back through and read the entire series again with a deeper knowledge and appreciation for the characters.
I am looking forward to other books written for this series and anything else also written by Trish! Oh, and if you guys loved this series, be sure to check out her Find Me series. It is equally as awesome!

– Amazon Customer Review

5 Stars – Great insight into a beloved character and with a twist!

This book was perfect – my only complaint that I read it in mere minutes and I can never seem to get me enough Trish. In taking a deeper look at Mallory, we get some at some of the other Station characters as well while, for me being reminded of some of the details. I read book 1 in the Station series awhile ago now so it refreshed my memory without dwelling on anything or being redundant.
This look at Mallory provided an interesting perspective on her character as well as the Station in general and gives a new look at an old character – who I will not name for spoiler purposes.
Trish does it again!

– Amazon Review Mallory, Pelican Freak

5 Stars – I love the way Trish Dawson makes these characters…

These little teasers about the Station characters make me want to go back and re-read the Station series. I love the way Trish Dawson makes these characters “come to life” after their death. Please, TD, can’t we have a fourth Station book, full length?

– Amazon Review Kerry-Anne, Lisa Seger

5 Stars – Learn something new every time

Leaves you wanting more and more. It’s very hard to write a review without spoiling anything. So, I’m just going to write, wish it last longer, the more I read, I get hungry for more. The way Trish describe s the emotions, she takes you there.

– Amazon Review Kerry-Anne, Orange Chef

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